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Many small businesses have been extremely successful using inbound marketing to generate leads and increase sales. With a lower cost-per-lead than traditional methods like direct mail and print advertising, inbound marketing is an appealing option for B2B and B2C firms looking to get the most out of their marketing dollars.

Although a skilled marketer can make it look easy, inbound marketing is not magic. Success in inbound marketing takes dedication, awareness and creativity. Extraordinary results come from extraordinary effort. Do you have what it takes? Roll up your sleeves and let’s get to the most important elements of inbound marketing success:

1. Know your market.

No matter how you are marketing your business, it is essential to understand your customer’s needs, wants and pain points. Be sure that you are clear on how you help solve your customer’s problems or how you make their lives easier. The ability to articulate your customers’ needs and how your business meets those needs serves as the foundation for successful keyword research, content, calls-to-action and sales.

2. Create useful and interesting content.

Professional doesn’t have to mean “boring.” Be interesting! No matter how technical the content or buttoned-up the audience, it is important to show personality. It is important to add value and keep your potential customers engaged enough to come back for more.

3. Be consistent.

Publishing content on a frequent and routine basis is critical for establishing your site’s authority in search engine and building an audience of subscribers. Decide on a realistic editorial schedule and commit to it.

4. Develop funnel vision.

In some ways, inbound marketing is about connecting the dots. Keep sales and the marketing funnel top of mind at all times. With each piece of content, each offer, each action, think about how you can advance your customer to the next phase in the marketing funnel.

5. Measure everything.

Literally, measure everything. Inbound marketing analytics not only keep you on track to achieve your inbound marketing goals, but provide insight into shifts and emerging trends in your target audience. Additionally, inbound marketing software can provide detailed intelligence at the customer level, making the sales process that much more effective.

What else is critical to inbound marketing success? Share you thoughts with us in the comments below!

Image: Ed Yourdon