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Get more Facebook Page LikesSo, you’ve set up a Facebook page for your brand. Now it’s time to connect with your target audience and build your community of followers - but how do you get started with getting more Facebook page likes?

In this article, I’ll share helpful tips on how you can get more likes for your Facebook page. But, before we get into all of that, let me ask you something:

Why do you want to get more likes for your Facebook page, anyway?

The reason that I pose this question is because your marketing success online isn’t a product of how many Facebook likes you have. It’s important to understand that up front. I often find that when I start speaking with a prospect about how I can help them with inbound marketing, they tend to be focused on the social media aspect of inbound and often have a number of page likes that they’d like to hit within a specific period of time. The caveat here, is that you have to be careful about attributing marketing success to the number of page likes you have, rather than the number of new business leads/new customers that you get from your Facebook community.

While Facebook is a useful tool to build your brand, attract visitors to your website, generate and nurture leads - simply reaching a certain number of page likes doesn’t mean that you will hit the revenue numbers that you are targeting. It’s not only a matter of quality vs. quantity, but one of effectively optimizing conversion (sorry for the jargon slip) to make sure that you are generating new business from your Facebook fan base.

Now that we’ve set expectations, back to building your followers. Here are some things that you can do:

  1. Write, publish and share awesome content over time and share on social media. This will help you grow your community steadily over time. This method requires the most elbow grease and the longest time frame, but it is by far the truest method to cultivate a community of loyal, engaged fans with the highest potential of conversion.
  2. Engage with your followers in a consistent, sincere and enchanting way.
  3. Include "follow us" buttons on your site. This goes for your Facebook page as well as other social media sites.
  4. Include "share" buttons on each page and blog post of your website. The more people share your content, the more that they will also subscribe to the blog and connect with your brand via their social profiles.
  5. Include your page in your email signature and other marketing collateral that you produce. This includes: business cards, brochures, presentations, ebooks, etc.
  6. Advertising. This can get you lots of likes very quickly, however the quality is often poor or questionable. Remember, the real "return" that you are looking for from an engaged community doesn't typically come from advertising. In other words, don't have high expectations if you choose to buy your friends.

What has worked/not worked for you in building a community around your brand on Facebook?

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