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content marketing ideasContent is the backbone of a successful inbound marketing strategy. You know that the more quality content that you produce, the more results you get. But, writing several blog posts, whitepapers, e-books, etc. can seem overwhelming. After all, you might ask yourself "do we have that much to talk about?" If you sometimes find yourself with a shortage of content marketing ideas, this blog post is for you.

Of course you do!

You know that you need great content to run an effective inbound marketing program, but you fear that you’ll hit a wall when it comes to topic ideas.

Well, have no fear, Mixy is here (ok, that’s a little cheesy). Seriously though, there are several easy ways to get content ideas that will generate traffic, leads and sales from your website. In fact, many of these methods actually give you the topic idea. You just have to run with it and create awesome content.

#1 Persona pain points.

This is an excellent starting point as well as something that you should revisit a few times per year, depending on how much content you plan to produce. Map out the buying process by persona and identify the pain points/questions/concerns that your prospects have at each stage in the process. This will give you a strong sense of the content needs that each persona has, as well as what kind of content you need to produce in order to move your prospect through the sales process.

#2 Your sales guy/gal.

A successful inbound marketing program requires sales and marketing to become BFFs. The challenges, questions, objections and concerns that your sales team encounters in the sales process are often excellent content ideas. Example: When I speak with Mixy prospects, a common concern is editorial content/ideas. Therefore, I’m writing this post.

#3 Newsjack.

Is there a breaking news story that’s getting a lot of attention in the press and on social media? Do you have an angle or perspective that could add value to the conversation or get the readers attention? Then, newsjack.

#4 FAQs.

In any business, there are recurring questions and challenges that prospects and customers face as well as common questions about your solutions to their problems. Put all of these questions together (this is another opportunity to befriend your sales team, by the way) in a top of the funnel offer or address them in a series of blog posts.

#5 Traffic Sources.

Ok, so this is less and less of an option as time goes on, but to a degree, you can still see which keywords prospects are using to get to your site. Remember, your future customers go to search engines looking for answers to something. Your website should be the place where they find those answers. Look at your traffic sources and identify problems/questions that visitors are using to access your site via search engines and create content in order to better address those topics.

#6 Top-performing content.

If you are already creating content on your website, be sure to measure what’s working and what’s not. Your highest performing content is likely exactly what the prospect is looking for when he visits your site. Use your most successful content to generate related content ideas.

#7 Quora or online forums.

Search topics that relate to your business and see what people are asking and talking about. This is an excellent way to identify emerging trends and content ideas.

#8 Social Media.

Like online forums, social media allows you to drop in on industry conversations and is a great way to recognize new themes or questions that your audience is thinking about. See what people are talking about and use it to shape your editorial direction.

#9 Re-package and reuse.

Don’t reinvent the wheel! After all, you have several different buyer personas visiting your website on any given day. You need to be sure to address each of these through your marketing content. Look at the topics that you are currently addressing on your blog and offers and find ways to breath new life into them. For example, if someone from your company is giving a presentation at a tradeshow or conference, take those slides and use the content to create blogs and top of the funnel offers.

#10 Always think content.

Ok, so we’re at the end of the list, but I swear this is not a cop out. Keep content on the brain and train your mind to look for additional ideas everywhere you go. You’ll be surprised that some of your best content ideas will come about this way. For example, you might be in a meeting where a team member mentions a question that a customer has - that’s a blog post. Keep your mind open to identifying new content opportunities in everything you do throughout the day.

I know that you have awesome tips too. What do you do to get awesome content ideas for your inbound marketing strategy?

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