Blogging is Sexy: 5 Reasons Not to Resist Writing Your Next Post

Posted by Meghan Skiff

While companies often under-prioritize their blogging efforts, they shouldn’t. In fact, companies should be highly motivated to blog, given the benefits experienced by companies that blog regularly. Blogging is associated with higher numbers of traffic, leads and sales, which is the whole point of inbound marketing.

When you take a look at the numbers, blogging, it turns out, is downright irresistible. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at blogging statistics and why your company blog is the ticket to getting your prospects’ attention.

But, let’s start here: there are several definitions offered for the word “sexy.” Let’s go with this one:

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Trade Show ROI: The Simple Formula for Success

Posted by Meghan Skiff

In the era of “let’s do everything online,” there aren’t many nice things being said about trade shows:

These are all true.

Despite this, companies keep doing trade shows. Why, you ask? Well, usually for the wrong reasons, like this one:

“OMG. How will it look if we don’t participate this year?!”

That’s not a good reason to invest in a tradeshow. But, there are some great reasons:

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